OSS Community contributions

The majority of contributions to the OSS (open source software) community are made by practitioners acting on behalf of their own initiative, their company, or any other organisation.
All the Mind ‘wisdom’ is translating into various contributions from our experts.


Below an overview of OSS presentations, Linux kernel and Zephyr contributions, Buildroot enhancements, etc.

Recent upstream work

Technical articles

Conference reports

Presentations & other initiatives

Mind, an open source of wisdom!  Hence we are not only contributing upstream to the OSS community with software patches/kernel enhancements, but also by offering presentations and speaker slots at leading events.


Below some examples:

Drop the docs and embrace the model with Gaphor Fosdem '24 - Frank Van Bever 20 March, 2024 Read more
How to update your Yocto layer for embedded systems? ER '23 -Charles-Antoine Couret 28 September, 2023 Read more
Tracking vulnerabilities with Buildroot & Yocto EOSS23 conference - Arnout Vandecapelle 12 July, 2023 Read more
Lua for the lazy C developer Fosdem '23 - Frank Van Bever 5 February, 2023 Read more
Exploring a Swedish smart home hub Fosdem '23 - Hannah Kiekens 4 February, 2023 Read more
prplMesh An Open-source Implementation of the Wi-Fi Alliance® Multi-AP (Arnout Vandecappelle) 25 October, 2018 Read more