OSS Summit - Mind participation at embedded Linux event (Vienna)

Vienna welcomes Mind software engineers in Sept. ’24

The embedded Linux community will gather in mid-September ’24 in Vienna.
Obviously Mind will attend OSS Europe and its various sub-conferences!


Austria center Vienna - OSS Summit 2024 by MindWe are happy to announce that Mind will again be a key sponsor at the Open Source Summit Europe, this time organised in Vienna (last year event was in Prague ).

This market-leading event, organised by Linux Foundation, is taking place from Sept. 16th to Sept. 18th  and is typically guaranteeing the presence of leading companies in the embedded Linux ecosystem such as Github, Red Hat, Canonical, Intel, Collabora, etc.

Check out our Mind-logo presence amongst those leading companies at bottom of their sponsor page


We have built over the past 20 years a strong reputation in the embedded Linux market by offering innovative and quality consulting services and interim engineering solutions to both software and hardware vendors.  The participation of our Mind consultants at this OSS Europe conference will continue to drive our brand reputation/brand visibility in the embedded Linux market segment, and will offer them the opportunity to remain up-to-date with the latest embedded Linux skills, embedded Linux trends and FOSS technologies.  A great moment to share experiences with peers in the Linux ecosystem!

You will meet them not only at the OSS Europe congress, but also at sub-conferenced like Linux Plumbers (https://lpc.events/) on Sept. 18-20, etc.

-> Do you want to meet up with one of our software engineers during those days? Just fill in briefly our contact form, and we will schedule with pleasure a moment to catch up with a coffee.


Buildroot developer days (organised the weekend before OSS Europe conference – Vienna)


Buildroot LTS program - imageIf you are interested to discuss and to participate in the future of Buildroot as an open-source platform, then join us for the Buildroot Developer days in Vienna.

Mind’s community liaison (and Buildroot maintainer at the same time) Arnout will be present with his colleagues on Saturday 14th and Sunday the 15th of Sept. for this community event.
Attendance is free!

Check out this page for full “Buildroot developer day” details Buildroot:DeveloperDaysELCE2024 – eLinux.org .

The developer day starts at 9am and will take place in the hackerspace (https://metalab.at ), Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Wien (Vienna). It will be held in the Bibliothek room (Library).  A unique location to meet up and share ideas with your Buildroot peers !

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