you need help with your XXX project
it asks for embedded open-source software,
we can help you out, for sure.

if you need help with your XXX project
and it asks for embedded open-source software,
then we can help you out, for sure.

We are your brain for hire. And just like the two halves of a brain, Mind marries seeming opposites: left and right, the practical and the human, the soft and the hardware.


Being problem solvers at the core, we are flexible and want to succeed, still, we do follow a set of principles and values that are non-negotiable. Coming from all over the world, we are forty-something ambitious profiles working together as one mind. As embedded software developers, we all believe in a future fueled by the power of technology, yet feel strongly about how that technology is developed. You could easily categorize us as introverts, but we will speak up and take the stage to preach the open-source philosophy.

Mind was founded in 1999. We are one of the first Linux companies in Europe and have gradually built our team to 40+ consultants. Some of our embedded software engineers are maintainers of key open-source software, others have contributed to the OSS community via speaking opportunities, software patches…


Mind was acquired in 2006 by Essensium, a company that originated from the IMEC ecosystem. They specialise as IMEC spin-off in real-time localisation technology (RTLS). We became their successful embedded software division serving leading customers like Barco, Televic, SoftatHome, Thales, prpl Foundation, Kyrio and many more.

<management team>

firstname = ‘filip’
name = ‘buerms’


Athra Afram

firstname = ‘athra’
name = ‘afram’

director of finance

Kenny Kellens Business Manager Mind (Division of Essensium nv)

firstname = ‘kenney’
name = ‘kellens’

business manager

arnout vandecapelle, mind (essensium division), embedded software consultant

firstname = ‘arnout’
name = ‘vandecapelle’

open-source community liaison

firstname = ‘benny’
name = ‘van calster’

head of marketing

Radhwan Ben Madhkour- Mind - Team leader consultants

firstname = ‘radhwan’
name = ‘ben madhkour’

team leader consultants

“all together” is one of our internal credo’s.  Hence, this management team is working very closely together with a team of junior and senior software engineers to support the global customers in aviation, home automation, telecommunications, etc

<open source, quoi?>


Open Source software allows the free sharing of formal knowledge through program code. This knowledge evolves by elaborating and improving the code without dependence on a central organization. In practice, OSS is a broad collection of software projects that allows developers to inspect the freely available program code and learn new techniques and algorithms from them. Improvements are reviewed within the OSS communities for quality, structure, architecture and integrability. Due to high quality and large sets of integrable hardware, OSS has revolutionized commercial and innovative high-tech markets.

The licensing model of the most successful OSS program codes comes with two strategic features: Authors of improvements to the program code retain control of their intellectual property, and the licensing model forces software developers and companies to make improvements publicly available. This enforced transparency among companies guarantees smooth collaborations while respecting intellectual property and exponential innovation in various fields, including aviation, robotics and medicine. As a result, each OSS project is independent of its original field of application and exists in a continuous state of development, elaboration and, ultimately, innovation.

From a commercial product perspective, OSS creates independence between supplier and customer and allows customers to assume maintenance of the supplied OSS if they want. This partitioning strategy creates a culture of research for the OSS supplier and a product-oriented culture for the OSS customer.

We know we excel in our domain but are humble all the same.


We want to help, but we’ll tell you if we can’t.


We are funny and not so funny.


(We usually don’t feel comfortable talking about ourselves this much.)




This can be summarised in following MIND value set.
It gives the meaning behind the values selected:


We believe in independent team members that get the room to develop their skills and fully support them in the missions that are a match to their ambitions.

As a team and as a leader in OSS Excellence we believe that we can only excel as a team and as individuals by being transparent in what we do and realize. Openness by sharing our knowledge and continuously exchanging views and ideas to make us better as a team and help us to develop as an individual.



As a team and as a leader in OSS Excellence we believe that we can only excel as a team and as individuals by being transparent in what we do and realize. Openness by sharing our knowledge and continuously exchanging views and ideas to make us better as a team and help us to develop as an individual.


We want to be the best OSS service provider in Belgium and beyond by offering the highest quality development services and developing knowledgeable and motivated consultants.

We would be nowhere without our people. Mind is made up of people, and they stick together, are supportive, etc.  We are a real community, sharing the good and the bad.



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We are passionate about what we do. Our teams have the ability and are supported to share and grow this passion in the team. We focus on what people know and inspires them most to help them excel in their expertise.


"In 2018 we standardized an open multi-vendor protocol for Wi-Fi mesh control. Today, this “EasyMesh” protocol is accepted, actively maintained, and active in the market. Its multi-vendor capability was well-demonstrated in cooperation with MIND at the latest Summit Conference of the prpl open-source foundation (Amsterdam - Oct. 2022)."

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