Mind attending prpl Summit – May 21st, ’24 (Texas – USA)

Mind collaborating with prpl technologies at the prpl Summit event


Vakantie Texas | The Lone Star State - 333travelOn Tuesday May 21st, Mind will help prpl set up a demo and use case for prpl technologies including Wi-Fi management, application development, deployment and remote management of home gateway devices. This will occur in Dallas, Texas as part of the “prpl Summit” hosted by AT&T. (Upcoming Events – prpl Foundation)

The main goal of the event is to explain the prpl architecture to a technical audience of current and prospective prpl members hoping to adopt it. So our job is to help explain how things work within prpl, and how the various initiatives tie together and can be integrated into an operator’s products.

For this, we’ve done a number of preparatory activities:

* Alignment with other participants
* Planning and organization of the workshop
* Preparation of a joint demo setup, with remote login for demo preparation of all prpl groups.
* Preparation of a prpl Wi-Fi (prplMesh) showcase

During this workshop, Mind will take care of the demonstration setup, installing it on the premises so that all working groups can use it, and additionally using it to demonstrate prplMesh to all interested parties. In addition, we will help with the demonstrations of the prpl application lifecycle, from development to deployment, and of the prpl operating system (prplOS).

prplMesh is an innovative, market-leading open source Wi-Fi Easymesh stack. It can ensure that any home with multiple Wi-Fi access points is easy to configure, and efficient in operation so an operator’s customers are getting the best possible Wi-Fi experience in their homes. Mind has been a major player (together with others) in the development and testing of prplMesh, and has been leading the main prplMesh development team for over 4 years.

Mind has been involved in the conception, design, planning, organization, development and testing of this project, and continues to be highly influential in its ongoing development.

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