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As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering a great work culture and keeping our talented embedded software engineers motivated, we are lining up throughout the year a number of motivating events and team building initiatives.  The latest one was on March 28th were our complete Mind consulting team was exposed to making the most delicious chocolate creations in Brussels, the capital of our home market.

Our regular Mind meetings are usually composed of an info sharing part (i.e. company update and/or technical presentations) and a fun part.  Below some pictures of our Brussels trip and “chocolate tasting”-experiences!




If you are interested to join our embedded software consulting team, then be aware this is what you are getting into…

Ready for a dive into our type of activities we organise?

  • Tech Talks: Stay ahead of the embedded technology curve with insightful talks/workshops designed to expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills in the ever-evolving tech landscape (zephyr, Yocto, Buildroot, etc.)
  • Hackathons & innovation initiatives: Let your creativity and innovation soar as you collaborate with peers to tackle innovative software development projects, as well as solve real-world challenges in context of our customer applications
  • Team-Building Adventures: strengthen bonding with colleagues through fun-filled teambuilding activities like canoeing, karting, escape room adventures, VR gaming, etc. (can be indoor or outdoor pending the season).


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