Texas - home of prpl summit in 2024

Mind consultants ensuring technology demo for prpl Summit – May 21st, ’24 (Texas – USA)


Mind delivering support to leading prpl Foundation event in USA


Are you joining the prpl Summit of prpl Foundation in Texas?  Then start planning your agenda, and book already now your meeting with some of our consultants at the event.  Our leading prpl engineers Frederik Van Bogaert and Maarten De Decker will be present to support the prpl ecosystem with its presentations and specific technology showcases/demonstrations…

prpl foundation logo

Texas is this year the venue for this premier event for Telecom Service Providers, OEMs, Silicon Vendors, ISVs and different open-source developers active in this ecosystems!

prpl Foundation (https://prplfoundation.org/ )is a community of leading global Telecom vendors supporting the prpl open-source projects and industry standards.  Their objective is to bring their “Open Gateway vision” to the marketplace, and have it supported by all of the leading telco carriers and service providers such as Verizon, Orange, AT&T, Vodafone, etc.
They are publicly releasing their code on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/prpl-foundation ; Hence, they provide the marketplace with a wealth of info on the codebase & documentation for its prplMesh and prplOS stacks.  Mind consultants have been involved in various parts of these stacks!

This well-known and well-attended prpl Summit (https://prplfoundation.org/events/)  is featuring speakers from across the industry, keynotes from operators and industry stakeholders.   It also welcomes all who are committed to open-source and open-APIs in support of carrier-grade CPE.
The Summit presents a unique opportunity for collaboration, networking, and development, with industry leaders from across the world in attendance.  Hence the collaboration of our Mind-OSS team…


More info on Mind’s contributions in the prpl community can be found on: https://mind.be/testimonials/  (see prpl sub-naviation) or contact our Business manager via info@mind.be and we ‘ll be happy to provide you all insights.


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