<Javad – embedded software/firmware developer>


an experienced embedded software consultant with expertise in Embedded Linux development (Buildroot, OpenWRT, Yocto), Linux kernel configuration, Realtime OS (Zephyr, RTOS), Embedded Software development and debug.

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Our software consultant


Javad Rahimipetroudi (Mind embedded software consultant)

He has experience designing and implementing embedded applications for autonomous car controllers and customized firmware for OpenWRT compatible routers based on MISRA standards to make efficient usage of available network bandwidth. His experience extends to areas such as embedded Linux and microcontrollers, reflecting a robust and comprehensive understanding of the field.


Javad is our Zephyr project expert. Currently, he is actively contributing to the Zephyr project. On our company blog you can find several technical articles about the Zephyr project.


His recent assignment is ending soon. He is eager to join your embedded software development team. He has a strong technical background in a multitude of software & hardware environments!


Skills & competences:

  • C programming skills 
  • C++programming skills 
  • Phyton
  • Buildroot
  • Yocto
  • Open WRT
  • Zephyr

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Professional attitude

I am an organized and result-oriented Embedded System Engineer with 9+ years of experience designing and developing embedded systems in the robotics and automotive industries. With extensive practice in software design and agile development principles, I’m interested in obtaining a position which allows me to use my professional skills in combination with innovation and critical thinking to solve real-life challenges.

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