New Senior Embedded Developer joins Mind

Mind continues its international expansion and adding extra resources to the team


Mind keeps on recruiting experienced consultants in Linux, OSS software development and embedded architectures to serve its global customer base with key reference like Kyrio, Barco, Deutsch Telekom, prpl Foundation, etc.  See mind | customers for more info …

Yüce Kurum - sr embedded consultant - Mind (division Essensium)

Below a short introduction of our newest colleague Yüce Kürüm, he recently joined our international team.

– How did you hear about Mind?

I found out about Mind on a LinkedIn job post. I guess that is fortunate if this is going to be a LinkedIn post :).

– What were you doing before?

I was working on automated meter reading systems. We developed embedded Linux and bare-metal devices that integrated into customers’ systems. These devices gathered data from connected meters, analyzers and other IO/sensing devices and made this data available over a variety of protocols.

– What is your role at Mind? Tasks?

We used a lot of open source software but I never actually had the chance to contribute to any of them. Here at Mind, my work actually contributes to these great projects. I had already the chance to work on prplMesh and I am currently working on an opensource device/fleet management system. In my free time I am learning about BuildRoot and I am hoping to be a contributor there too. I mean how great is it to have the chance to have a maintainer come to your desk and show you what you should actually be looking for!

– How was your start and what was your first impression when joining us?

Bram Soete, business development manager, introduced me to the colleagues in the office. Everybody was very nice and welcoming. After I started talking to people about their projects it became clear to me that I was an end user to my new colleagues. I have never met anyone before who would consider me as an end user. I was typically the software developer talking to the people who were using our products and solutions in my previous company. At Mind there is a strong expertise within the company, one person is bringing up a development board, another person is working on low power functionalities of a module and there is even a maintainer in the team of the desktop environment I was using before 😀. I feel really lucky to be able to work among such talented people.