New international recruiter joins Mind

Mind continues its international expansion and adding extra recruitment resources to the team


Mind keeps on recruiting experienced consultants in Linux, OSS software development and embedded architectures to serve its global customer base with key reference like Kyrio, Barco, Deutsch Telekom, prpl Foundation, etc.  See mind | customers for more info …

Katia Panyts new recruiter at Mind (division of Essen sium)

Below a short introduction of our newest international recruiter, Katia !

– How did you hear about Mind? – From MINDfulness training.. joking :-).
I attended the Open Source Ulyssis job fair at KU Leuven and I liked Mind’s mugs with the old logo colours. So I came to Mind’s desk to have a chat and to ask for 2 mugs, and I got mugs and a job instead 🙂

– What were you doing before? – I have been working as an international sourcer and recruiter for almost 7 years, including 4 years in technical recruitment for the UK public sector and for tech startups. I was finding and hiring people from across the world, including unique niche professionals from Argentina, Spain, Malaysia, Germany, Poland, Italy and other countries.
Besides finding professionals from all over the world, I also dance social dances from all over the world, including folk dances from Spain, Italy and France, forro from Brazil and swing from the Americas.

– What is your role at Mind? Tasks? – My main role and task is to find and hire the right people to join the Mind international team of Embedded C Engineers. We are open to professionals of all levels of seniority including fresh graduates. It’s important for us that Mind can become a place where everyone can learn and grow.
Also my objective is to make sure that the selection process goes smoothly both for the candidates and for my colleagues, and none of them is overwhelmed. Therefore right now we are working on polishing the interview and selection process to make sure it is fast, short and efficient. We have several open positions, please check out our website

– How was your start and what was your first impression when joining us? I started less than a month ago and I like it very much so far. Ask me again in 3-4 months:). People are super nice, friendly and helpful here, not mentioning their high level of professionalism and humour. In addition, I’m really enjoying being back to the office after working remotely for many years. Meeting colleagues in person makes so much difference to build long term relationships, also the issues are being solved way faster and face to face communication is priceless.