Commercial Support for Buildroot


Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches that simplifies and automates the process of building a complete and bootable Linux environment for an embedded system, while using cross-compilation to allow building for multiple target platforms on a single Linux-based development system.  We are supporting this platform for some years now!



We are providing services for the initial bring-up of a Buildroot-based system, developing extensions to Buildroot, and long-term maintenance.  You can consult us for your various Buildroot software issues.

As a dedicated competence centre we are fully equipped and staffed for any consultancy or interim project assignment on Buildroot. We are happy to announce that we count a Buildroot maintainer as well as several Buildroot-contributors in our team.  This means we are up-to-date on any urgent changes and have the expertise in-house.

Possible projects can vary from short to long-term consultancy in collaboration with your team or a fully outsourced service (interim assignment) with emphasis on keeping your Buildroot packages updated and secured.  This will provide you with peace of mind on that part of your software architecture!


Arnout Vandecappelle –

is one of the maintainers of Buildroot. He has worked intensively with the Buildroot community since 2010. His main contribution is reviewing and improving patches. He is fully familiar with all of the Buildroot internals, particularly with the intricacies of ‘make’ syntax.

Patrick Havelange

has worked on :

  • version bump of package/lxc
  • runtime tests for lxc
  • version bump of rust & cargo
  • cargo packages integration infrastructure
  • version bump of package/ripgrep
  • version bump of package/openssl

Raphaël Mélotte

has submitted the following packages:

  • package/mupdf
  • package/python-jbig2dec
  • package/python-mupdf
  • package/python-boto3
  • package/python-botocore
  • package/python-jmespath
  • package/python-pbkdf2
  • package/python-pydns
  • package/python-rsa
  • package/python-s3transfer


Frank Vanbever –

is the maintainer of the following packages:

  • package/elixir
  • package/libmodsecurity
  • package/nginx-modsecurity

has also worked on :

  • version bump of package/erlang
  • version bump of package/rabbitmq
  • bugfix in cmake support