Meet Marleen Vos and Kenney Kellens

Mind continues its international expansion and adding extra resources to the team


Mind keeps on recruiting experienced consultants in Linux, OSS software development and embedded architectures to serve its global customer base with key reference like Kyrio, Barco, Deutsche Telekom, prpl Foundation, etc. We are now with a team of 40+ OSS-engineers. SeeĀ mind | customers for more info …

Below a short introduction of our newest colleagues Marleen Vos and Kenney Kellens, who recently joined our international team.

– How did you hear about Mind?

Marleen: While I was actively seeking a new professional opportunity, I came across a job opening at Mind on LinkedIn. Interestingly, Jan Olbrechts, who works at Essensium, is a former colleague from Easics. Katia Panyts, the International recruiter of Mind, reached out to me to gauge my interest. And it seemed to be a good fit after my experience at Materialise.

Kenney: In my pursuit of a fresh career challenge, I came across a Business Manager job listing at Mind on LinkedIn. Katia Panyts, the international recruiter of Mind, contacted me and arranged intake interviews with the management team of Mind, more precisely with Filip Buerms and Benny Van Calster. And from there on, the story unfolds.

– What was your prior professional experience?

Marleen: Before joining Mind, I spent 7 years as a senior software engineer at Materialise, primarily focusing on 3D-printed eyewear development. We created an in-house scanner capable of producing precise facial scans, enabling us to tailor frames to the specific features and preferences of customers. It was a great experience but I was ready for a new challenge, I began exploring other job opportunities. Before Materialise I have been active in the telecom sector (Bausch datacom) which is also a key market segment of Mind. So, both experiences fit will with the overall OSS and embedded world of Mind.

Kenney: Prior to my role at Mind, I dedicated 8 years to being account manager in a leading Benelux IT-reseller (Dustin, previously Centralpoint), inside sales combined with 4 years in external sales. My responsibilities included managing existing customer relationships and generating new leads. For the past 4 years, I transitioned into the vendor management team, negotiating contracts with key suppliers and distributors (Microsoft, Cisco, Tech Data, etc.). However, changes occurred when the company I worked for was acquired by a Swedish entity, resulting in the relocation of the vendor management team to the headquarters in Stockholm. While remote work was an option, it didn’t really align with my preferences.

– What is your current position at Mind and tell us a bit about your key responsibilities?

Marleen: I am still in the process of familiarizing myself with new embedded and open-source technologies at Mind. My experience with embedded Linux is limited, but I possess prior experience in embedded systems. I’m enthusiastic about learning and contributing to a diverse range of projects. I look forward to embracing different challenges with the support of my mentor Trevor Watt.

Kenney: I’ve joined Mind as a Business Manager, I will be working in close cooperation with my colleague Jean-Philippe Van Aelst. My sales role involves lead generation, business expansion and customer management, overseeing both new leads as well as existing accounts. I am eager to secure stimulating projects for my colleagues, the embedded software developers and propose them for key projects in aviation, telecom, robotics, etc..

– Can you share your initial impressions and experiences upon joining Mind?

Marleen: I had a fantastic start at Mind. The dynamic of working in a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) is refreshing. Getting to know everyone quickly is a notable aspect. Colleagues are approachable and ever-willing to assist with any queries I may have. Trevor Watt has been designated as my mentor, aiding very well in my transition into this new role.

Kenney: Coming from a large corporation where one often felt like a mere number, I found Mind to be a welcoming change. The work atmosphere is inviting, and colleagues are friendly and supportive, always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. I have been very rapidly integrated in the Mind management team and received various introductory trainings in the context of my induction program..