Meet Benoît, our new embedded software developer

Mind continues its international expansion and adding extra resources to the team


Mind keeps on recruiting experienced consultants in Linux, OSS software development and embedded architectures to serve its global customer base with key references like KION group, Barco, Deutsche Telekom, prpl Foundation, etc.

Benoît is an Embedded Engineer with a great passion for the digital world, an interest that started during his early years. He has always loved and admired the interaction between the technological world and reality. Essentially, he is a curious mind, dedicated to sustainability, enthusiastic about continuous learning and improving, and motivated to find creative and innovative solutions for a better society.

Below a short interview with our new colleague Benoît Debled, who recently joined our international Mind consultancy team. Benoît has a master’s degree in computer sciences from the University of Mons. He is an experienced embedded software consultant with expertise in Linux kernel configuration, low-level software (Boot-loaders, device drivers, BSP, etc), including firmware development and debugging. We would like to welcome him to our FOSS-team.

– How did you hear about Mind?

Benoît: I got to know Mind through Radhwan Ben Madhkour. Radhwan was my colleague at my previous job. When I was thinking about changing jobs, I contacted him because he had mentioned Mind to me and it seemed a great place to work. However, at that time, I wasn’t prepared to make the switch due to various reasons. A couple of years later, I decided to change jobs and joined Mind in January 2024.

– What was your prior professional experience?

Benoît : Prior to that, I worked as an embedded engineer at HMS in Nivelles for almost six years. HMS, formerly known as e-WON, develops and markets products and solutions within Industrial Information and Communication Technology (Industrial ICT). Their products and solutions enable industrial equipment to communicate and share information with software and systems. I started in the company with IoT industrial routers, I was involved in projects such as platform bring-up on i.MX6 processor, U-Boot and Linux kernel update, kernel drivers development for Ethernet switches (KSZ8895, Realtek), multiplexers, latches, and C development of a MindSphere connector and making firmware UTF-8 compliant.

As a side project I developed a Lego Machine for a trade fair event. I also got to develop my skills in Yocto, Docker, and some other tools like Jenkins, Redmine, Jira. At HMS, I also held the role of lead developer for the past year, which entailed providing technical guidance, ensuring that the requirements were clear, and I was also handling some project management responsibilities.

– What is your current position at Mind and tell us a bit about your key responsibilities?

Benoît: Currently, I’m developing new software for a IOT-type of management platform in C, aimed at reinforcing Mind’s marketing position. 

– Can you share your initial impressions and experiences upon joining Mind?

Benoît: From my first interactions, I found the people at Mind to be very welcoming. The company is in full growth and expansion, but it still maintains the essence of a small organization. This creates a unique atmosphere. There is a good vibe between the colleagues and the accessibility of leadership contributes to a positive working environment, where one feels valued and supported.

Overall, my initial experience with Mind has been very positive, and I look forward to further exploring and contributing to the dynamic culture here. I also like that team building activities are organized on a regular basis, our recent team building was a chocolate workshop in Brussels. That was definitely a great opportunity to get to know the team better.


Benoît has just started his 1st Mind assignment at one of our customers in “smart building solutions”;  Check out his profile: