FOSDEM ’23 – our presentations

FOSDEM’23 event (Brussels)


MIND has contributed once more to the leading FOSDEM’23 event, the key gathering for the European OSS community (held in Brussels on ULB campus).  The objective is to continue to position us as one of the expert consulting organisations in open-source, embedded applications, LINUX, Buildroot, Yocto, etc.  See below for a summary of our presentations (incl. video recording)

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate with the OSS-community. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. You don’t need to register… it’s a free event!

Mind has been contributing to this community over the past few years.  And we were present again with various presentations from our expert consultants.  Below an overview of the topics.  Be aware that you can watch the recording of the presentations on the FOSDEM website:

  • Hannah Kiekens – “Exploring a swedish smarthome hub”:

Track held on Saturday in the “Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom”.

Topic was on exploring the hardware and software of an Ikea Dirigera ZigBee hub. State of the opensource software used Is Ikea committed to opensource?
Check it out on FOSDEM 2023 – Exploring a swedish smarthome hub

  • Frederik Van Bogaert – “prplMesh: open source Wi-Fi mesh; Solving home Wi-Fi”

“Mesh” is the new hotness when it comes to Wi-Fi. Routers, extenders and wireless range extenders all propose to work together to optimize your Wi-Fi experience. This is where prplMesh comes in. prplMesh is an open source implementation of the Wi-Fi Easymesh standard. It helps organize your network by making onboarding easier, coordinate settings between devices and steer devices to the correct access point.
Check out Frederik’s video on: FOSDEM 2023 – prplMesh: open source Wi-Fi mesh

  • Frank Vanbever – “Lua for the lazy C developer”

Larry Wall (of Perl fame) famously cited Laziness as one of the three great virtues of the software developer (the other 2 being Impatience and Hubris). C is still the lingua franca of systems programming, but if you want to do C programming right one thing you can’t afford is to be lazy. You have to do manual memory management, behavior is written in stone at compile time and the joke goes that every non-trivial project has it’s own linked list implementation. There exists however a not so well-hidden superpower that allows you to program in C, get the performance where it counts, and still have plenty of time for chatter around the coffee machine.  That superpower is the Lua programming language !

Check out Frank his contribution to the OSS-community: FOSDEM 2023 – Lua for the lazy C developer