Mind participating and presenting at Fosdem 2024 (Brussels)

Mind gathering at Fosdem 2024 (Brussels)

Mind is meeting up with fellow
FOSS-enthusiasts in Brussels


Mind, the open-source division of Essensium, is set to make an important mark at the upcoming FOSDEM.  This is the leading Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting taking place  in Brussels on Feb 3 and Feb 4. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of software development in the open-source community (FOSS), we are thrilled to announce our active participation in this premier event.

Mind participating and presenting at Fosdem 2024 (Brussels)
Mind participating and presenting at Fosdem 2024 (Brussels)

Our OSS software experts will be at the event to catch up with colleague developers, with our partners/customers as well as the broader ecosystem.  And some like Frank Vanbever jr. | LinkedIn are even geared up to take the stage with a series of captivating speaking slots where they will share insights, experiences, and cutting-edge developments. Hence our presence promises to be both informative and inspiring.

Get in touch with Arnout Vandecappelle | LinkedIn , Trevor Watt | LinkedIn or other Mind-colleagues if you want to connect at the event or send an email to info@mind.be if you want to receive an invitation to our ‘Free drinks & fingerfood’ event on Saturday evening in the neighbourhood of the event!

Pls find here the invitation for our “Fosdem drink”: Fosdem drink by Mind

Mind (embedded software engineering division of Essensium) is organising a free FOSDEM drink..

Our objective at FOSDEM is to build and foster meaningful connections with fellow FOSS-enthusiasts, embedded software engineers, Buildroot & Yocto contributors as well as ‘maintainers’.

Our 15+ Mind software developers at the event are looking forward to engaging in thought-provoking discussions, exploring potential collaborations, and contributing to the vibrant FOSDEM atmosphere. By participating in FOSDEM, we hope to not only uplift our own knowledge and expertise, but also contribute to the collective growth of the open-source ecosystem.

Join us at FOSDEM in Brussels as we delve into the future of opensource technologies, share our expertise, and embrace the spirit of collaboration that typically defines Mind. Since the start of our organisation we have been believers in the transformative power of open-source contributions.

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