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Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

eCos on the Xilinx Virtex-4 FX ML403 and Memec Virtex-II Pro ML300 boards

Mind has ported eCos to the ML403 board with the Virtex 4 FX Xilinx FPGA. Previously Mind had already ported eCos to the PowerPC 405 in the Virtex-II Pro on the Xilinx ML300 board and the (old) Memec FG456 board.

eCos is a Free Software, hard real-time embedded operating system that is used in industrial control systems, communication systems, printers, etc. eCos offers hard real-time scheduling, TCP/IP networking, Flash file system support and POSIX compatibility. Memory foot print can be limited to a range of 50 - 300 KBytes. eCos is also the basis for the popular RedBoot boot loader.

The eCos port to the PowerPC 405 hard core in the Virtex 4 FX includes drivers for the Xilinx 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC hard-core, VGA controller, LCD controller, uart(serial), IRQ controller, GPIO and access to micro drive through the SystemACE. Other drivers are standardly available in eCos and can be utilized on custom boards. The Mind port also contains a port of RedBoot (the eCos based boot loader) to the Virtex 4 FX. Mind has also contributed the initial port of u-boot to the Virtex-II Pro, so both RedBoot and u-boot can be supported.

Mind openly publishes the source code of eCos for the ML403, the ML300 and the Memec board (under the standard GPL-derived license) and sells a tool chain for the development of eCos. As part of its service offering, Mind can also adapt eCos for the product board on which the Virtex 4 FX or Virtex-II Pro will be deployed and can deliver training and support in eCos kernel and application development.

Check the specific pages for support of the ML300, ML403 and the Memec V2P FG456 board.

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