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Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems


Mind is partnering with several European clusters and technology networks, among which:

  • DSP Valley is an independent technology cluster, aimed at the design of hardware and embedded software for (digital) signal processing systems and SoC's (System-on-Chip). DSP Valley has 60+ members: universities, research institutes and companies, ranging from small start-ups and SME's to large international enterprises with a local R&D activity. DSP Valley offers a networking platform to enable its members to explore each others competence and expertise, something that facilitates innovation and cooperation. With its extended offer of highly valuable activities, DSP Valley is one of the top clusters in Europe when it comes to embedded technology.

Mind is also partnering with a number of Hardware providers and distributors and supports the core CPU lines of these partners.

  • Xilinx: Mind is a member of the Alliance partnership of Xilinx for supporting eCos on the Virtex-II Pro and Virtex 4 FX FPGA's of Xilinx.
  • Silica Avnet: Mind is collaborating with Silica Avnet at European level to support joint customers for Linux and eCos ports to the different CPU families that Silica distributes (Intel, Motorola, Xilinx, TI, Philips, ...)
  • Mind also partners with several system houses to offer a full system solution (HW, SW, housing) to the customer, where Mind or the system house takes a "single supplier" responsibility.

Mind also partners with Software and Hardware Tools providers and distributors and supports their customers for Open Source Software implementation on Embedded Systems:

  • Indes: in the Netherlands.
  • ISIT: in France.
  • Aicas: Aicas provides a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) solution with hard real-time guarantees on the Garbage Collection process. This is combined with WAOT (Way Ahead Of Time) compilation of Java code to reach drastic performance increases over interpreted code. JIT (Just In Time compilation) is often not practical on embedded systems, due to the extensive resources JIT would consume.
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