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Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Mind Quarterly Newsletter - Q3 2008


1. Mind contributes to RTEMS and GStreamer
2. Embedded Linux Trainings from Mind
3. Mind presents Buildroot at DSP Valley's seminar
4. Case Study: Video Storage Server for Security Platform

1. Mind contributes to RTEMS and GStreamer

As a result of projects with customers, we were able to extend the RTEMS operating system and the GStreamer media framework with several new features.

For the RTEMS operating system, we implemented a complete new driver for the CP220x Ethernet chip, as well as extensions for DHCP client. We also implemented a basic networking test for the RTEMS networking demo.

For the GStreamer media framework, we implemented a default plug-in to handle HTTP and HTTPS, as well as Digest Authentication support in RTSP.

For more details on these contributions, please visit our Software Contributions page.
Software Contributions

2. Embedded Linux Trainings from Mind

In addition to the customized Hands-on Trainings that Mind has been offering since 1999, Mind is now also offering "standard" Embedded Linux Trainings on a regular basis with one of its partners.

This 5 days training is intended for developers that want to build an Embedded Linux system from scratch or from commercial Embedded Linux solutions. The course covers the various components of an embedded Linux target, the development choices and debugging possibilities, as well as the Linux kernel architecture. During this course all participants get the opportunity to build and experiment with a small-footprint embedded target.

Next planned Embedded Linux Trainings: September 22nd to September 26th 2008, and December 15th to December 19th 2008.

For more details, please visit our Training page.

3. Mind presents Buildroot at DSP Valley's seminar

On June 10th, 2008 Mind made a presentation about "Buildroot: The open source way for streamlined custom embedded systems" at DSP Valley's seminar about tool chains for embedded software development in Eindhoven.

In this presentation, we showed how the Buildroot system streamlines the Embedded system development process by configuring a linux-based system very quickly, including cross-compilation tool chain, operating system, boot loader, standard C library, tools and debugger. We also discussed the strengths and weaknesses of embedded system development based on open source.

The complete presentation can be found on our Publications page.
busybox / buildroot

4. Case Study: Video Storage Server for Security Platform

In this project, we developed the software for a server storing the output of hundreds of security cameras on a rack of hard disks. The development of the storage server software was performed by Mind, so the customer could concentrate on the integration into the security management system.

This project includes a video streaming application, which is based on GStreamer. GStreamer had to be extended with more stable HTTP/HTTPS communication and authenticated RTSP communication, which were contributed to the community.

Most of the storage server application software consists of monitoring and management functionality: programming recordings, indexing existing recordings, communicating with other servers, ejecting hard-disks, etc. This requires high-level programming of many concurrent tasks, and was based on the GLib, the GNOME core library, and D-Bus, the freedesktop inter-process communication system. On the other hand, it also requires low-level interaction with SCSI and SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) to manage the hard disk racks.

More details about other customer projects can be found on our Case Studies page.
Case Studies

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