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Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems


Eclipse is an open and extensible integrated development environment, which allows the developer to write, test and debug his programs in a comfortable way. The consistent user interface allows an easy transition to Eclipse.
Its architecture enables the writing of plug ins to support new features and programming languages.

CDT for instance is a plug in for Eclipse that provides the following C and C++ capabilities:

  • C/C++ Editor
  • C/C++ Debugger
  • C/C++ Launcher
  • Parser
  • Search Engine
  • Content Assist Provider
  • Makefile generator
Writing a C or C++ program on Linux has never been easier!

What we provide

In conjunction with our tool chain, we can provide a custom installation of eclipse/CDT. This installation is fully integrated with our tool chain, allowing you to cross-develop your applications in a graphical user interface.

The advantages are:

  • Integrated version management: the highly integrated version management system based on CVS enables easy source code control and better cooperation across developer teams.
  • Powerful editor: the IDE comes with a very powerful C/C++ editor. Features include syntax highlighting, auto-completion and automated error correction.
  • Integration with Mind tool chains: no more worries about fiddling around with Makefiles to set your compilation options and setting PATHs to be able to use the right tool chain for your target: the Mind tool chains can be fully integrated with Eclipse.
  • Integrated debugger: the internal debugger enables all power of GDB without being available for command-line adepts only. Even a tedious task such as remote debugging on the target is just a few mouse-clicks away!
  • Custom enhancements: with Mind's custom enhancements to Eclipse, cross- compiled binaries are automatically transfered to your target. Ready to be debugged remotely using gdb or the internal debugger.

All this is available for all targets which Mind supports, such as: ARM, PowerPC, ColdFire, MIPS, SH, etc...

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