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Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems


Typical customers of Mind are the R&D departments of large companies and innovative SMEs active within Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation, Medical Devices, Semiconductor manufacturing, etc

From its Leuven headquarter in Belgium, Mind has executed numbers of projects for customers outside of Belgium such as: the Netherlands, France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, USA and Malaysia.

Customers of Mind include companies like: Adesys, Alcatel, Banksys, Barco, BridgeCo, EMC2, IDCS, Newtec, Philips, Septentrio, Shell, Siemens, Soft At Home, Televic, Toshiba America, etc...


Alarm Dialers and Industrial Modems


Integrated Security Systems


Satellite and Communication Systems


Satellite Navigation Systems

Soft At Home

Residential Digital Services


Multimedia and Communication Systems

You can read more details about some of these projects under Case Studies.

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