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Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Release of the eCos Port to the Xilinx Virtex4 ML403 board

This SystemACE boot file contains eCos with a demo application. It was created from this bitstream, generated from the EDK sample ML403 design and this eCos image.

The source code is delivered as a patch, relative to a CVS snapshot of the eCos source code taken on 2005-04-30. Instructions on retrieving eCos from CVS are here. The patch can be downloaded here. To be able to compile the eCos source code you need the this bsp generated by the Xilinx tools.

An interesting mini how-to about eCos on ML403 can be found here.

Compiling the demo

The patches to the toolchain are available here.

Running the demo

The systemace file can be downloaded onto a compactflash card with these commands:
  mount /media/cf
  cp system.ace /media/cf/ml403/myace/system.ace
  umount /media/cf

Insert the compactflash card into the ML403 board, power on the board and choose 'My Ace File'.

The demo starts several threads: (all started in the file demo.c)

  • the board gets an IP address with DHCP and starts a TCP echo test on port 1234
  • leds blink
  • loop that creates system load and stresses the memory (test cache)
  • output to the serial port (9600 baud, 8N1)
  • VGA output
  • lcd message

The application can be debugged with a JTAG debugger.

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