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Linux and Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems

Preliminary Release of the eCos Port to the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro ML300 board

This SystemACE boot file contains the RedBoot boot loader. It was created from this bitstream, generated from the EDK 6.3 sample ML300 design and this RedBoot image. The image was generated from the source tree with this ECC file.

RedBoot can be used to load this sample eCos application generated from the source tree with this ECC file.

The source code is delivered as an archive consisting of a set of patches, relative to a CVS snapshot of the eCos source code taken on 30 December 2004. Instructions on retrieving eCos from CVS are here. The archive of patches can be downloaded here.


Generating the source tree

Extract the eCos source from CVS. Set the DEST environment variable below to point to its packages directory. Download the patch archive. Now follow the instructions below to extract and apply it.

        # change the following!
	export DEST=/path/to/dir/with/cvs/ecos/version/packages/
	tar zxf /ecos-ml300_diff_cvs_20041230.tar.gz
	cd new-files/packages/
	for file in $(find . -type f)
	  mkdir -p "$(dirname "${DEST}/$file")"
	  cp "$file" "$DEST/$file"
	cd ../../patches/packages/
	for file in $(find . -name '*.patch')
	  patch "$DEST/${file%.patch}" < "$file"
	cd "$DEST"
	patch -p2 < /patch/to/increased-rom.patch

Running the sample application

Copy and rename the system ace file (system.ace) file onto the microdrive to: /xilinx/myace/top.ace

Attach the ML300 board to a network with a dhcp and tftp server installed. (The sample eCos application ecos_mw.elf must be placed on the exported tftp dir).
Also attach a PS2 keyboard to the ML300 board (this won't be used, but is currently needed), turn the knob to the '4' position and boot the ML300 with the microdrive in the CF slot.

RedBoot will now be booted.

Attach a serial terminal (38400) to be able to access the RedBoot prompt.

Via this prompt eCos images can be uploaded over tcp/ip using tftp. On the command prompt, enter:

            RedBoot> load -t tftp -h <server ip address> ecos_mw.elf
  RedBoot> go

The selected eCos image will now be booted

For more information about the use of RedBoot, please refer to the RedBoot user guide.

Generating a new System Ace file

Before generating the system ace file, a bitstream (system.bit) and RedBoot image (redboot.elf) must have been build. Afterwards, the system ace can be built using:

            xmd -tcl genace.tcl -jprog -hw system.bit -elf redboot.elf -board \
                     ml300 -ace output.ace

Note: the output filename may not be "system.ace".
This has been tested on EDK 6.3 (Linux), but should also work on a windows pc.

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